When is Yugiohy Card Coming to Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch’s first-party library of licensed games is coming to Nintendo’s handheld console, but its release will come with some significant limitations.

The latest issue of Game Informer reveals that the game library of Yugios Card will only include two of the company’s most popular franchises: Yugino no Yoru, a card game for the Yukiha clan, and Yuki no Yurume, a Yuki-related card game.

That leaves out the Yugis of Digimon Adventure.

The news comes just days after Nintendo revealed that Yugi Card will not be coming to the Switch.

Nintendo has confirmed that Yuki Card and Yugo Card are not part of the Nintendo Switch library, and it will not include any new games.

The company also revealed that it has no plans to include new games from the Yuusha studio.