Why the FBI is releasing more than a million pages of photos of suspects and people associated with the acid attack on campus

Updated July 15, 2018 12:25:13 The FBI released photos of more than 1.3 million pages related to the attack on the University of California at Santa Barbara on June 4, 2018.

The images, which were released Thursday, are the result of a two-year investigation that was launched in 2016, but the bureau says there’s more to come.

The FBI said that the images are the largest collection of images to date of the suspects involved in the acid attacks on U.S. and international campuses.

The FBI also released an additional 1,076 photos from an investigation into the attack.

The agency said the photos, which are also labeled as “acid,” were taken in August 2018.

Authorities say they know of no suspect or suspects in connection with the attack, which took place at the Santa Barbara Community College.

The university issued a statement Thursday saying the school is “aware of the recent news reports that the FBI has obtained photos of potential suspects and is taking additional investigative steps.”

UCSC President John Jenkins said the school’s Board of Trustees is “evaluating” the information.

He said the university is “working closely with law enforcement and will continue to cooperate with them to ensure our students are safe and our community is protected.”

Jenkins also released the following statement: UCSC will continue working with law enforcers to secure our campus, protect the safety and well-being of our students and campus community, and protect the UCSC community from acts of violence.

A UCSC spokeswoman declined to comment on the information in the FBI release.

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson contributed to this report.