How to use a robot to build your own business

How to build a robot that will make your own money.

The company behind it has raised $50 million from investors including SoftBank and Andreessen Horowitz.

And, while the company has not revealed pricing or launch date, it will likely launch in 2017.

The company, called Robotium, plans to sell robots that can work in manufacturing, medical, and other industries.

It is working on a robot with an eye-tracking system, for example.

Robotium’s goal is to create a robot for every job in the future.

It will be able to detect and predict a job’s location based on sensors that are connected to the robot.

It will be connected to a cloud platform, and users can then automate the process of assembling, selling, and tracking robots that will automate manufacturing and other tasks.

Robotium is currently building a robotic arm that will replace a human hand in manufacturing.

It would work with factories to design the robot’s body, making sure the robotic arm is accurate enough to fit the job at hand.

It could also be used to create robots that help people with disabilities build products and automate tasks that require the help of hands.