Oracle: We’re not making any changes to our privacy policy for the Oracle Database anymore

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) said Wednesday that it has not made any changes in its privacy policy since it launched its own privacy platform in April 2015.

Oracle said it will continue to support the privacy policies of its cloud and cloud-based apps, including its popular database products.

The statement comes after Oracle disclosed the details of a bug in Oracle’s own database platform, called Oracle DB2, that allowed hackers to obtain sensitive information about users and their data.

Oracle disclosed the bug in an advisory last year, which prompted Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to resign.

Oracle DB2 was Oracle’s flagship database platform for more than a decade, and Oracle has been using it to power some of its most popular software applications for more that a decade.

Oracle CEO Larry Page said in his resignation letter that the bug made the platform vulnerable to attackers who could access data on the platform, including personal information.

Oracle’s chief security officer, Robert Kroll, said in a statement that Oracle is not changing its privacy policies.

“Oracle’s security and privacy practices remain the same,” Kroll said.

“We will continue working to improve our privacy policies.”

Oracle DB3 and Oracle DB4, Oracle’s cloud and web-based data platform, are expected to launch in the coming months.