What is the PS4 database problem?

The PlayStation 4 database database, which holds all of Sony’s games, is the latest to be corrupted.

According to the Sony Entertainment Network, the database has been corrupted.

“It’s not just our databases,” a Sony representative told GameSpot.

“All of our games have their own database.”

The database, however, is far from the only problem.

According to GameSpot, “the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network are also experiencing issues, which are impacting users’ experience.”

The PS4’s problems have not been limited to the database.

GameSpot reports that a user’s name and email address have been shared, along with personal details like the time of birth, gender, and nationality of the user.

The PlayStation Network’s database is also affected, as is the PlayStation 4’s.

Sony has said it is aware of the issue, and is investigating.

According the PlayStation Network, “we are actively working to fix the issue.”

The PlayStation 4 also crashed at times when accessing online services.

According a report from TechRadar, “The PSN has also been experiencing problems recently with issues connecting to online services.”