Amazon is buying Dell’s database for $3.7 billion

Dell is buying the dissidia database from Amazon, which is looking to use it to develop software and cloud services.

Dell has long been an investor in the database, and the deal is expected to close sometime in 2019.

Dell is a key part of Amazon’s cloud computing and storage business, which it acquired in 2013.

The database is one of the more popular services that Amazon offers.

Amazon also owns the database of the internet, which could be used for other services, as well.

The deal is not expected to affect the availability of the database.

Dell said in a statement that the deal would help Dell bring the database to a new generation of customers and “develop more products and services that are built for the cloud.”

The company has been working with Amazon for more than a year to acquire dissidia, according to the New York Times.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg.