How the Arizona Diamondbacks have evolved over the years

The Diamondbacks are on a tear, but their latest move to build a diamond logo from scratch has some fans questioning whether they can sustain the franchise’s success.

The Arizona Diamonds logo is a simple, white, circle, with a diamond in the middle.

It was created in 1997, according to the Diamonds website.

They changed the logo last year, replacing the circle with an inverted diamond and a heart.

According to the Associated Press, the logo is still used by the team, although the new logo has a diamond shape.

Some fans have expressed concerns that the logo might be too similar to the current logo, which has a white dot on the top and bottom.

It has been compared to a cross between a unicorn and a human heart, according a tweet by Diamonds beat writer Mark J. Rebilas.

However, the Diamondbacks website has been updated to reflect the change.

And the team’s official Twitter account has been updating the diamond logo with new information, including a new logo design that uses a black diamond instead of the current circle.

So, are there any changes to the logo that you want to know about?

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