How to create a wood database and store it in Amazon S3

A database stored in S3 is just that: A database, stored on a cloud service.

So, it’s just a JSON file.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to make a big deal about that.

Amazon has been known to store database objects in a few different ways: Amazon S2 and S3 stores have a few of them, and S4 stores are very popular.

For the most part, though, you should store database files in S2 or S3.

You’ll be able to use the same file formats for S3 and S2.

S3 storage, on the other hand, can only support certain data types.

S4 storage, in contrast, can store data types such as CSV, HTML, and JSON, as well as data types like MySQL.

You can store your database files either on Amazon S4, or in a S3 bucket, or a S4 bucket with a separate S3 account.

Here’s how you can create a database in Amazon’s S3 or S4 buckets.

S2, S3, and EBS buckets