‘We can’t do that’: ‘We’re too far away’: Hopkins, McCain discuss border security in speech

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump said Wednesday he’s prepared to go “all out” to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, despite his Republican colleagues’ reluctance to say so.

The president made the remarks during an address to the U-M program that offers college students financial aid, which he said will be available for students to receive the first $3,000 of their federal student loans.

Trump has previously said that the U., and the country, need to be prepared to fight and win wars against drug cartels and other criminal groups.

But he also said he’s ready to do “whatever it takes” to protect Americans and keep Americans safe.

“We can do that.

We’re too close to the border.

We can’t afford that,” Trump said, referring to a major federal immigration enforcement effort that has been in place for several years, even as other countries, such as Australia, have been taking steps to curb the flow of migrants to the United States.”

The border has been an absolute mess for the last four years.

We are not going to let it get any worse,” Trump added.

“The president wants to do what he can to secure this country.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that we’re safe, that we have secure borders.”

Trump has said he’d like to see a wall built along the border with Mexico but has yet to offer specific plans to pay for the construction of the border barrier.

A federal judge has ordered that a temporary injunction be put in place preventing the construction or use of any barrier along the southwest border.

Trump, however, has repeatedly said he supports a wall and has threatened to build one on the southern border if Democrats continue to block the effort.

The administration’s plan, the latest in a series of efforts to deter migrants, comes amid an uptick in apprehensions of immigrants trying to enter the United State, including those coming from Mexico.

A U.N. report released in February showed the U to be the most dangerous place on earth for migrants, with more than 700,000 migrants arriving in the U