Data from UIC database

UIC Database article UID – Universal Identifier – Unique Identifier (UID) database is used by the government to identify a person in a public database.

UIC has over 5 million UIDs available to government agencies across the country.

UIDs are created by government agencies through the UID Authority, a government agency that has the powers to create and manage the UID database.

UID records are stored on a centralized server in Bangalore.

Data from UIDs is available to public agencies across India through a range of online services.

The UID database is the largest data storage in the world and contains over 6.2 billion UIDs.

Data are accessed by all government departments, including the National Crime Records Bureau, in order to trace criminal activity and identify the offenders.

UID data is maintained by a database that is managed by the UIDAI.

Data on every citizen in India is stored on the UID data portal.

This portal is accessible to everyone, irrespective of age, gender, or geographical location.

The portal enables the government, departments and civil society to connect with one another and access and maintain UID data.

UID Aadhaar is a unique identifier that is issued by the Centre to every citizen for identification.

It is the most secure biometric system in use in the country, and is also the only biometric data base that can be used to track the identity of every Indian person, according to a government statement.

India is a country of over 4 billion people, but only 1.7 billion of them have the UID Aadhaar data.