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Change is seeping the globe. Project teams are getting benefited by faster communication, smaller, more powerful mobile computers, and robust digital modeling tools. All this transformative shift toward integrated project delivery process was unimaginable few years back.

In India, the real estate sector is the third largest employer (after agriculture and manufacturing)and presently employs over 40 million workforce. With forward and backward linkages to over 250 sectors and ancillary industries, the real estate sector is the third-highest contributor to the Indian economy. The total market size of Indian real estate is estimated to have doubled since 2008 and reached about INR 7 lakh crore. India has the largest housing market in the world. The potential for growth is significant as India would need to develop over 170 million houses until 2030 to meet the needs of the rapidly urbanizing population.

Looking into the significant demand for housing in the country, the technology will play a major role in developing the need in a short span of time.

In view of the major transformation being observed throughout the world, it is now important that our engineers today come out with innovative solutions for all classes of housing requirement for the people of India.

Building Information Modeling(IPD) is one sort of technology that comply to Industry 4.0 for delivering all scale of construction project. BIM is getting popular and mandatory in many countries in the world in order to adopt the lean construction process that in return reduces the wastage significantly during the building life cycle.
Tickoo Institute of Emerging Technologies as a technology and innovation center has taken the responsibility to create awareness and encourage innovation in different sectors where emerging technologies are applied. On its second Innovation Day, the topic for discussion was “Emerging Technology Trends in Construction Industry”. The key speaker for the discussion was Mr. Nitesh Saluja (BIM Engineer-Ramboll India, Autodesk Winner-2017). Also, Mr. Palanimuthu Kasinathan,Vice President - BIM MEP at The BIM Engineers was the guest of honour. Nine participants from three colleges were invited to attend the event. Mr. Nitesh, shared his experience with the BIM technology and threw light on how the customers across the world are benefiting by its use. Also, Mr. Kasinath added few cases where the use of BIM is changing millions of lives in the globe. At the end, Professor Sham Tickoo addressed the students and the guests and shared thoughts on how to innovate and bring ideas to life. He shared some examples and presented a research topic on “ Utilization of waste (grass and paper) for creating green building material”. In it he explained how waste can help to create low cost temporary shelter for construction workers. At the end, the key speaker and the guest were honored and certificates were distributed to the participants.

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