Benefits of joining IET Training Partner Network

  • Access to the database of partners with their profile and specialties.
  • Ease of doing business with any of the partners in the network.
  • Access to the best negotiated prices for various Softwares / Hardwares from different suppliers.
  • Promotion of own products through IET network
  • Open Forum to discuss the problems/challenges faced by the network partners
  • Books/Workbooks /eBook from CADCIM/TIET on huge discounted rates
  • Prof Sham Tickoo and other senior employees at TIET will be visiting the colleges, universities, and IET training centers on a regular basis to promote your training programs and IET Network.
  • IET will promote IET Network through social media and share various marketing strategies with all its partners. This includes sample brochures, promotion material, PowerPoint presentations, sample letters that you can mail to colleges, universities, and industries in your region.
  • In future when the IET network is fully established, we will contact various companies to post their job openings on our portal so that IET students can apply for these jobs. In addition to these efforts by IET, individual training centers will have to contact the industries in their regions for placement, consulting, and training activities.
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