To set up a Training Partner Network in India that will develop a model training program in Emerging Technologies under the brand name IET (Institute of Emerging Technologies), an initiative of Prof. Sham Tickoo and CADCIM Technologies, USA. The motto of this network is to encourage "Design in India" concept so that we can develop a better India with best employment opportunities for all.

The training centers in this network will become Training Partners of IET but will retain their name and identity. The IET organization will develop the best learning and teaching resources, provide discounted software, and represent the network to negotiate deals with government and private organizations in India and overseas.

  • To provide good training, one of the things that faculty needs is the quality teaching resources like books, eBooks, and videos. In the first phase, we (IET) will collect the material from various training centers in the network, evaluate them, select the quality teaching resources and share this information with all centers in the network. They will select the textbooks of their choice, customize the cover to their requirements, and order them directly from the provider at nominal prices. It will be mandatory that the training centers use the textbooks developed by the IET Partner Network. IET will not get involved in the pricing, sales or purchase process. Neither will IET make any commission on this service. Note: The selected books will also be marketed in US and other countries in the world. 75% of these royalties earned outside India will go to the center who has authored the books.
  • Teaching methodologies and pedagogy is another important thing that a faculty has to be familiar with. To this end, the network will collect sample videos from experienced faculty, demonstrating the techniques they use to provide quality training. These sample videos will be posted on the IET website so that any faculty member in the network can take a look at them and learn how the senior faculty is providing training.
  • As we know the software gets updated every year and it is always a challenge for trainers to learn the new software and then provide training. To facilitate the learning process, we can have the faculty provide online training in their area of expertise to all faculty in the network. This will help the faculty in learning the latest software quickly, efficiently, and at a very low cost.
  • The network will work together to develop training programs in various emerging technologies and make it available to the partners in the network. The training centers taking a lead role in developing such training programs will be the major beneficiaries. They will develop the course, develop teaching and learning resources, and provide training to the faculty in the network.
  • The network will work together on the consulting projects. Consulting projects can be done collaboratively as per the expertise. This way network members can help each other mutually in the consulting projects as per the industry standards.
  • TIET will create the database of training faculty in the network, with their expertise and contact information and post it on the website so that any training center can access this information. If they need the expertise of any trainer in the country, they can directly approach the trainer or the training center. Idea is to use the expertise of trainers all over the country to offer training and consulting services.
  • Arrange special workshops at Purdue University Northwest, USA where students will learn the latest technologies, visit some industries, and take part in some cultural activities. Travelling and other costs are to be paid by the students. TIET will provide free help and guidance to interested students.
To enable IET to proceed to implement the above mentioned tasks (Phase-1), the interested training centers will have to sign a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with IET. Note that there are no charges to join the IET Training Partner Network. To get started, we need about 150-300 training centers to sign the MOU so that we have a good standing when we represent the Network to software providers, government and private agencies.

Note: Initial work will be done by TIET (Tickoo Institute of Emerging Technologies, Gurgaon, India) to get the ball rolling. Once we have enough members join the Network, we will set up an IET advisory committee to take the work forward and make any changes in the IET proposal and ongoing work.

  • IET will represent the Network to negotiate deep discounts on software from software providers/resellers in India and US. We will do the same for hardware and other services that the training centers need in providing training to students.
  • IET will also work on the transfer of licenses to partners based on their specific needs. It is the sole responsibility of the member training centre to ensure that the transferred software is used ethically.
  • IET will work on various proposals for government and private agencies to attract any available funding for skills development program in India. The training centers in the TIET network will directly benefit from any such grants. Again, TIET will provide these services free of any charges.
  • IET will invest in installing a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be used by the Network members for training purposes. TIET (Tickoo Institute of Emerging Technologies) and CADCIM Technologies, USA has set aside some funding that will be used to develop the LMS (Learning Management System) to cater to the needs of the training. The registered members of the IET Network will be provided the facility to post their copyrighted material on the LMS system. The material could be eBooks, videos, or any other training material of their choice, as long as it meets the quality standards. A committee will be set up for this purpose, to ensure that we have the best material posted on the LMS system.
  • For posting material on the LMS, there are no charges. However, if any Network member wants to download the material, they will have to pay nominal charges. 75% percent of the revenues will go to the center/trainer who has posted the material on LMS and the remaining 25% will go to IET to maintain and manage the LMS.
  • IET will also negotiate with Government to provide subsidies to the partners in this network so that they can provide required scholarships to the meritorious students. We will also work with government to provide funding for mobile training centres that can reach to remote areas. IET will also provide Grant Training Proposal Template that they can use for negotiating with their regional and state agencies.
Associate with industry partners and develop the training modules as per the industry needs as well as arrange for internships for the students. In this manner, the industry will also get an opportunity to get skilled people from the network. Also, this network can offer six months practice school to the highly meritorious students as per the need of industry.

Set up an online university wherein the training centers registered with the IET Training Partner Network will become the satellite training centers. As an educational entity, we can negotiate deals with the software companies to provide us the software like they do to other educational institutions. This will result in substantial savings to all training centers. Also, all certificates will be issued by the university (IET).
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