The most important data you need to know about Facebook, Google, Twitter and other big data companies

In the age of big data, the questions you need answered can seem overwhelming.

But for those of us who care deeply about our privacy, this is a critical time.

Here are 10 facts you need not know about these data giants.


The most valuable data companies in the world are Google, Facebook and Twitter.

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In the US alone, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram account for more than a third of the global economy.


Facebook’s business model relies on advertising and its massive data collection.


Facebook and its advertisers rake in billions of dollars in ad revenue each year.


Facebook is the biggest player in the space of personal data collection in the US. 6.

Google and Twitter’s business models depend on user data.


Twitter says it’s going to be more transparent about what it collects from users in the coming months.


Facebook has been accused of engaging in “data mining” of its users.


Facebook collects a lot of information about its users and the companies they frequent.


The biggest privacy breach of the last five years happened when Facebook sold a data dump of user information to a private US company.

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